Milano Couture-Dorado-5ml

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Product description
Description Couture Refillable Fragrance Spray - Dorado Features: *Simply pump to fill! -Like all Travalo, the Milano refills in seconds directly from any standard perfume bottle. -The innovative Genie-S ‘pump to fill’ refill system transfers your fragrance perfectly without damaging exposure to air or spilling a drop. *The perfect spray, every time -The expertly designed high definition spray head atomizes your fragrance into a fine mist with each press, delivering the perfect application every time. -There’s no better spray head on the market – in fact, it’s so good that you may never use your original bottle to apply your fragrance again! *Opulence and fashionable -Couture is the refined and elegant Milano comes adorned with a premium Swarovski crystal casing – perfect for the festive season! -It is not only recognized as a deluxe perfume atomizer, but also as a glamorous fashion accessory to own. *Fully compatible with the Travalo U-Change system -With the Travalo U-Change system, it’s easy to remove the refillable inner perfume vial and replace it with another to change your fragrance in an instant. -There’s no need to clean the vial or run it empty – just refill it or change it for a different fragrance vial and you’re ready to go! *Glass-free & aircraft-approved -Crafted from aircraft-grade aluminum and zinc alloy. -It is totally glass-free. -The Couture is elegant, sturdy and aircraft-approved for carry-on baggage. How To Use: 1. Remove spray head from perfume bottle 2. Position engine valve over opening and pump to fill