Satin Wrapped Microfiber Hair Towel - Barbie Edition

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Product description
The perfect solution to dry and protect your beautiful, natural, curly hair. Quick drying and frizz reducing technology protects your hair from harmful heat and makes hair treatments more effective. The high-quality microfiber dries your hair fast while the satin exterior gives you a beautiful, stylish look.
● Silky smooth satin & quick-drying microfiber towel protects & dries wet hair.
● Gently wicks away excess water without stripping
● your hair of its natural oils & conditioners .
● Satin helps reduce frizz while protecting your hair from split ends & breakage.
● Preserves smooth curls & waves.
● Helps reduce heat drying time for healthier hair.
● Comfortable to wear.
How to Use
1. Flip head forward, place towel on head, with button at the nape of the neck.
2. Tuck your hair into the towel and twist the towel around it.
3. Bring the twisted towel back towards your neck and secure with the button.
Queen Size : 51 X 76 cm     
Formulation : Satin & Microfiber